August 15, 2014

LIAT reorganizes commercial department

LIAT has announced changes to its commercial structure in order to bring a much sharper focus on revenue generation.

Lloyd Carswell, an internationally experienced chief commercial officer is being appointed in this role on an interim basis for three to four months.{{more}}

Reporting to him will be an interim director of Commercial Operations (DCO), with responsibility for Revenue Management, Network Planning and Scheduling, Distribution, and Global Sales, and a director of Commercial Delivery (DCD), with responsibility for Sales and Marketing, Customer Experience, and Cargo.

The DCO will be based in Antigua and Barbuda and the DCD in Barbados.

These changes will entail the move of six positions from Barbados to Antigua, although only five of these positions are currently occupied by LIAT staff in Barbados.

The roles of Sales and Marketing, Customer Experience, and Cargo, under the leadership of Leesa Parris-Rudder, will remain in Barbados. Total staff numbers in these roles are 275, who work throughout the region.

In order to strengthen the airline’s airport delivery organisation, a new role of Customer Service manager is being created. This post will be based in Barbados.