Grammar School just fails to beat record results
August 15, 2014

Grammar School just fails to beat record results

The St Vincent Boys Grammar School has recorded its second best results to date in the just released results of the Caribbean Secondary Education certificate (CSEC), missing the opportunity to surpass last year’s overall pass rate by just over 1 per cent.{{more}}

This year, the 114 boys who wrote the examinations, in a year of unprecedented accomplishments, achieved an overall pass rate of 93.04 per cent, second only to the 94.4 per cent recorded in 2013.

For the first time in the history of the school, two students wrote a total of 14 subjects in one sitting, and both boys passed all 14. The history makers in this case are Richard John, who got 13 grade ones, and one grade two, and Sherwin Peters, who registered 12 grade ones and two grade twos.

Other top performers this year include Kerron Glasgow, who scored ten grade ones and three grade twos, Storm Halbich with eleven grade ones and one grade two, and Justin Robinson with five grade ones and six grade twos.

Acting Headmaster of the school Curtis King, said that the boys outstanding achievements came at a time when the school was facing some challenging times, including the loss of their science laboratories, as well as having to operate without an deputy headmaster.

He said that despite these and other hurdles, he was well pleased with the students’ achievements.

“I am very satisfied. I want to commend the students and teachers for hard work and of the support by the parents, and other supporters of the school who have combined to assist us with this success.”

King highlighted that the school attained one hundred per cent passes in 14 of the 25 subjects sat, with five subjects getting pass rates between 91 and 98 per cent; three between 85 and 89 per cent, one in the 70’s, two in the 60’s ad one recording 33 per cent.

He pointed out that the school made an enormous leap in their mathematics pass rate; jumping from 79.6 per cent in 2013, to 91.3 per cent this year.

This he credited to an ongoing focus on numeracy in the school.

“We have been targeting mathematics as part of a strategy for strengthening the department.

“This year we put two teachers to work with the slower students, and as you can see from the results it has paid off and we are well pleased,” King told SEARCHLIGHT.(JJ)