August 8, 2014
Courts awards scholarships to children of employees

It not only pays to be a customer of Courts St Vincent Limited, but being an employee has benefits as well.

Last week, some staff members were on the receiving end of the corporate generosity of the furniture and appliance store, as their children were awarded scholarships for primary and secondary school, as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme.{{more}}

Country manager Michele Samuel, speaking at the awards ceremony last week, said that the incentive to the students is a means of support to staff members, whose children were eligible for the scholarships through their recent scholastic performances.

“The company invests in this programme annually to contribute to the general wellbeing of the employees and their families,” Samuel said.

“We provide scholarships to our children who are in primary and secondary schools and we support and encourage our employees’ children to complete their school studies and provide monetary support for them, and we recognize and reward good school performance so that the scholarship awards that they receive are predicated on their performance at school. Once they continue to perform well, the scholarship continues throughout their school career.”

Samuel cautioned the young students that in order to maintain the financial support, they had to do their part by working hard, focusing on their goals, and maintaining good grades.

To the parents, she reminded them of their responsibility to their children.

“We expect that the employees as parents would provide the support and guidance that they need to keep them on the right track. The teachers can’t do it alone.

“We at Courts are providing the monetary support; you have to play your part to encourage your children, to work with your children and give them all the loving environment that makes it conducive to study.

“In addition to that, we require you to provide us with all the details and necessary supporting documentation; you have to encourage your children to maintain the required grade of 70 per cent and above, so we have set high standards and we know you can do it.”

The students receiving scholarships this year are: Marcus Young, son of Felicia Waldron; Rickell Hector, daughter of Ingrid Hector; Zorano Samuel, son of Shurnette Samuel; Annaliese Mapp, daughter of Lucetta Mapp; Jahdiel Walker, son of Shawnette Walke;, and Shanice Cato, daughter of Sabrina Cato.