Vincy Day USA 2014 goes through changes
July 31, 2014

Vincy Day USA 2014 goes through changes

The ever growing popularity of the annual Vincy Day USA has forced the working committee to implement some changes for the 2014 edition.{{more}}

Set for Heckscher State Park in East Slip, Long Island on Saturday, August 16, Vincentians from all over the USA, Canada and elsewhere would have at their disposal a larger picnic area than they did for the two previous years, 2012 and 2013.

According to a release from the Vincy Day Committee, this change has come about because of the anticipated overwhelming support for the event.

And, with the growing number of people comes an increase in the cost to stage the function.

Chairman of the Committee consul general Selmon Walters related: “the cost to host the event has grown tremendously and the committee is seeking sponsorship as well as having various fund-raising events to assist with offsetting the cost to run Vincy Day USA.”

The consul general said that the committee has therefore planned a car permit ticketing system. He revealed that a car permit, which costs $5, will be issued for all vehicles under fifteen seats. These permits must be purchased in advance and be displayed on the dashboard upon entry into the park.

Walters pointed out that the permit is in addition to the New York State Park $10.00 fee that is paid at the entrance of Heckscher State Park.

Chair Walters is urging patrons to co-operate by purchasing their tickets in advance, to ensure the smooth flow on Vincy Day.

In outlining the overheads, Walter listed security, ambulance on site, portable toilets, a cleaning crew, benches, tables insurance, generator and a stage to host the ceremony and for the cultural performances.

Vincy Day, which in the main is a picnic style event, is seen as a perfect family day of fun, cultural education, networking, games, togetherness, doused with a wide array of Vincentian cuisine, drinks and music.

The event, which had its launch in 2012, has grown to be one of the more anticipated events held in the Vincentian diaspora and this year is anticipated to be even grander than 2013, according to information from the Vincy Day 2014 committee.(RT)