July 22, 2014

NDP leadership faces heavy criticism on social media

During his tribute at the funeral service of Elwardo G Lynch last Saturday, former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell spoke of the importance of social media in today’s world.{{more}}

His words rang true, for when the jeering, profanity and the continued ringing of a bell brought the funeral service to an abrupt halt, SEARCHLIGHT was on hand to post about the disruption on its Facebook page ( as it occurred.

The majority of Facebook followers responded with disappointment at the actions of those causing the disruption.

Ash Brown posted: “It takes just a few idiots to make a whole party look bad and the leadership stood by and did nothing.”

“Very rude indeed,” replied Sally Charisma Cuffy. “If the bridging of political divide cannot be seen during death, how and where can we look for it?”

“This is totally disrespectful to the house of the Lord and to the family,” stated Shona Quammie.

Some posters on Facebook also took leader of the Opposition Arnhim Eustace to task for saying that the protestors were exercising their democratic right to protest, and had he tried to quiet the congregation, they would not have heeded his words because they were “determined” to disrupt the Prime Minister.

Michele Clavery responded: “Arnhim…if you felt that you would’ve been unable to quell the crowd then you need to… cease from any attempt at running for high office… you have just declared your ineptness and your inability to lead anyone.”

Trevano Morgan commented: “No 1 listens to Eustace not even his own supporters…”

“This is a sign from God,” posted Basil Bashment Dasilva. “Just showing that NDP is not ready to lead this country forward.”

However, some posters came to Eustace’s defence. Eileen Bailey asked, “If the shoe were on the other foot, you think Gonsalves would have been able to quell a crowd determined to boo Eustace? Gonsalves deliberately came to get the reception he did as he reads the people and knows their depth…”

Across Facebook on people’s personal accounts, and across the Vincentian branch of Twitter, similar sentiments were expressed – with many people appalled that such unruly behaviour was allowed to continue in a place of worship, and others saying that Gonsalves caused the disruption by turning up at the funeral.