July 15, 2014
PM uncertain about attending EG’s funeral

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves says that he would like to go to the funeral of New Democratic Party (NDP) activist Elwardo “E.G.” Lynch, but is uncertain if he will attend.{{more}}

The Prime Minister said that he has already given thought to attending Saturday’s send-off for his friend and political rival, who died last Wednesday at the age of 68.

Lynch died at the Garden of Eden Nursing Home at Dorsetshire Hill.

Gonsalves paid tribute to Lynch at a press conference yesterday, and indicated that he would like to be present on Saturday, but is questioning if he should go, based on things that are being said about him.

“As long as I don’t have some important matter dealing with at the time which I have to attend in my capacity as a Prime Minister, as a father or husband or some friend or something. I want to attend the funeral.

“I must say to you what is of worry to me… when persons like that put at my door as though I am the man responsible for killing Lynch or when you have people say that is the pressure that Ralph bring on him….

“When they engender that, and these are not persons who you may consider not without restraint when they seeking to agitate people like that, the question which a reasonable person would ask himself would be: in going to a funeral which is supposed to be a dignified event, would your presence engender the response from some persons which would undermine the dignity of such an event?”

Gonsalves said that prior to Lynch’s passing, he had visited the ailing host of the NDP’s “New Times” radio programme on numerous occasions and pointed out that prior to Lynch’s stint with the NDP, he was a member of Gonsalves Movement for National Unity (MNU).

“When he was in the hospital, I went to see him twice before he came out and before I left for England at the end of April, I went to where he was at the home and I saw him there at the home…. He wasn’t able to speak; he held my hand and I spoke and at intervals he would squeeze my hand to indicate that he was hearing me.”

Prior to the radio host falling ill a few years ago, the Prime Minister and Lynch had battled in court over suits and counter-suits.

Lynch was in debt of over $200,000 in damages to Gonsalves.