July 11, 2014

Courts exclusive World Cup Finals lime

Furniture and appliance supplier Courts St Vincent Limited will, this Sunday, be giving some of its customers the opportunity to view the 2014 World Cup Finals between Argentina and Germany in fine style.{{more}}

Courts will be hosting close to 50 of its customers and guests at Club SOV in Villa, where they will witness the game in an all-inclusive lime.

“We think this is a perfect opportunity for us to share the game in a comfortable atmosphere with some of the persons who keep us in business,” Courts commercial manager Lisa Veira said.

“This lime is for customers who spent over $2,000 during our Courts World Cup Football campaign, and purchased television sets or stereos,” Veira added.

Veira said that the lime starts at the game kick-off and will go until the presentation of the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

She said the guests will be treated to food and drinks, and other forms of entertainment throughout the lime.

Germany qualified for the finals with a crushing 7-1 defeat over host country Brazil, while Argentina came out on the winning end of a penalty shootout against the Netherlands.

The third place match will be played tomorrow between the Netherlands and Brazil.