Skinny visits Mental Home
July 4, 2014

Skinny visits Mental Home

Having written a song about escaping from the Mental Home, Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle and his team decided to use the actual institution as his set for a particular video shoot. However, what began as merely a location scout for a video shoot has now evolved into an act of social responsibility and a deeper understanding {{more}}of the gravity of mental illnesses.

Prior to the visit, the team was hyped and excited to see what lay behind the gates of the infamous institution, whose name stirs Skinny Fabulous’ fans into a cyclone when he sings of escaping from it.

Upon entering the gates of the institution for the first time, Skinny Fabulous’ demeanour quieted and shifted to one of solemnity, as he absorbed the reality of the situation. After meeting with the residents/patients and speaking with the nurses and caretakers, he began to grasp a full understanding of the effects and consequences of mental illnesses and how they are dealt with in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

In the spirit of Carnival, he presents himself as having mental issues as a way to excite his fans in his song “Mental Home”. However, Skinny Fabulous is aware that being in a mental home, escaping from a mental home and having a mental illness is not something to be made light of.

Skinny Fabulous has decided that it is a part of his social responsibility as a citizen of SVG and an icon and ambassador for his country, to assist in any way he can. During his visit over a few days, the residents of the home requested a few food items to which he and his team responded on July 2, presenting them with bread from Food Basket, sausages and a variety of canned goods.

He hopes to forge strong ties with the institution and be of assistance in the future, in any way he can, a release said.