LIME to test live streaming of  carnival shows on their 4G handsets
June 27, 2014

LIME to test live streaming of carnival shows on their 4G handsets

Telecommunications provider LIME intends to take 4G to a higher plane this weekend, with the live streaming of two carnival shows on the handsets of their loyal customers.

General Manager Leslie Jack says that LIME will be testing its streaming capabilities during today’s Fantastic Friday calypso semifinals, {{more}}in which 22 of the country’s calypso bards will battle for a place in the Dimanche Gras finals. Streaming will also be tested at the highly anticipated H2O Wet Fete tomorrow, featuring international soca sensation Machel Montano, the LIME Vincy Soca Dans, Skinny Fabulous, and a host of others.

“This weekend we will be taking 4G to the next level, where customers; post-paid and prepaid will have the opportunity to look at live streaming of these shows on their handsets.

“The access for it costs only a dollar, but it would be a limited set of customers who would be able to do it, so it is a matter of first come, first served,” Jack said.

The General Manager said that for persons to access the live streaming, all they have to do is text the word “STREAM” to 145 on Friday and Saturday, and they will receive a link and passcode to the various shows.

The code can only be used for the particular event, and only by the customer who sent the initial text.

Jack indicated that the 4G hype does not stop there.

“We would also be doing it for Miss Carival, and also for the Ultimate Soca Monarch Competitions.

“Persons would be able to vote on the night who is their pick for the ragga and soca monarch as well as all aspects throughout the Miss Carival pageant.

“So for the soca shows what persons would be able to do for the ragga part of the show is text the name of the artiste to 7622 (SOCA), and the same would be required for the soca monarch category.

“There will be a cut off point as to when persons can text up to, but the texting will really start on the first performance of the night.”

Jack said that the cost of streaming for these two events would cost a little more.

He pointed out however, that persons in other Caribbean territories and the diaspora would have access to live streaming via the Internet, and they too would be able to participate in the voting process.

“This is something that we have been doing for some years now, and we know for example, that the St Lucians and the Grenadians and the Dominicans are behind their girls, and they will have the opportunity to vote, so we are expecting the Vincentians to support our very own Shadeshia George as she does her thing; at the end of the day the votes are what counts.

“We expect persons throughout the Caribbean as well as in the Diaspora who have an interest in the activities, and who are looking forward to seeing some of our local and international artistes performing… and it’s part of their pre-carnival type of hype, because persons will be coming in for carnival, and I am sure they would be looking at those shows with keen interest, as they kick starts the festivities and prepare persons for the rest of the carnival period.”

Jack urged that persons who are not yet LIME 4G ready to do so as son as possible, in order to be a part of the historical event.