June 24, 2014
VINSAVE gets $26,000 from Australian Embassy for income generation project

The Australian Embassy has provided EC$26,000.00 to VINSAVE for the development of income generation projects in Kingstown and Byera for the development of women, children and communities.{{more}}

VINSAVE and the Byesave Community Organisation, Byera, will engage in the production and sale of herbs, jams, jellies and the production of meat birds. The meat birds are being raised at the Byesave Poultry Farm, Byera, while the herbs and jellies production will be done in Kingstown.

The project involves community people, mainly women, offering them skills which would bring income and employment.

With the expected “rains” project, participants would engage in the planting of seeds and plants on “raised beds”; meanwhile the area in Kingstown is being secured for this activity. The produce will be sold nationwide.

Executive director Janice Fraser said that she is pleased with the project, which would not only offer training and employment to community people, but generate income for the further development of projects for the benefit of people.