June 17, 2014
Adiah Holder: fourth for girls and ninth overall

Adiah Holder, a student of the Questelles Government School, has demonstrated through her achievement in the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) that hard work brings success.

The 11-year-old student was among the top 11 students in the country and placed fourth for girls and ninth overall.{{more}}

“I felt fantastic, I felt great,” Holder said, as she described her emotions when she learned about her success in the CPEA, which students sat for the first time in St Vincent and the Grenadines, this year.

The Spring Village resident, who will enter the Girls’ High School in September, received 90 per cent for Mathematics, 90 per cent for Science and 94 per cent for Language Arts.

“Before the exam, I studied vocabulary. I got rest. I got my things ready like my pencils and my erasers and so on,” the young girl said, summing up her exam preparations.

Holder’s mother, Suzette Hoyte, is a teacher at the Questelles Government School at the Grade 4 Level.

When she spoke with SEARCHLIGHT, the proud mother described her daughter as a driven and disciplined individual, who did not require much help when it came to doing her school work.

Hoyte disclosed that her daughter comes from a family of teachers and did a lot of work on her own.

“I am elated. She is not quite happy with her math results, but I am elated. She worked hard and has always been a disciplined child, so not a lot of my effort had to go into it,” Hoyte said.

Hoyte is currently completing studies at the University of the West Indies and voiced her support for the change to the CPEA, as it allows students, who get nervous during exams, to do better.

“I really like it. For everything that is new, you know it will take a while for us to get accustomed to it but it think it better prepares our children for the world,” she said.

“I don’t do exams well and like me, some children might have the same difficulty. I think it is really a great move for the Ministry of Education. A lot of work is required and it’s really something good.”(BK)