June 13, 2014
2014 George Phillips Excellence Award ceremony

One should always aspire to exemplify excellence in whatever they do.

This was the message delivered by managing director of Youth Business SVG Kenrick Quashie to fourth form students during the 2014 George Phillips Excellence Award ceremony{{more}}, on June 5.

The guest speaker told awardees that they should be honoured to receive the award, as they were chosen based on their own personal achievements.

“You were not measured by the other person’s achievement, not measured by which school you attend, but measured by what you exemplify at your school, and your teachers, your principal, thought it best that you represent excellence and as a result, you are here achieving this award,” he said.

However, Quashie, who was a recipient of the George Phillips award in 2001, advised the to students that the persons who regularly encourage them are also to be recognized for their achievements and so it is important to appreciate one’s “support team,” who often help in whatever way necessary.

“I want to caution you that the excellence you have exemplified, the excellence that you are exemplifying today is not solely because of your effort. It is not you alone who have caused you to be at this point where you are,” Quashie said.

“Receiving an award today is not for us to feel puffed up, it’s not for us to feel that we have achieved but for us to humble ourselves and strengthen that support team.”

In brief remarks, senior education officer for secondary schools Asfo Stephens expressed the importance of not just being academically brilliant, but also getting involved in extracurricular activities.

He further highlighted that an academic and extra-curricular balance in an individual is what makes a well-rounded student.

“If you were to be admitted to universities in any part of the world or to get into a job of your choice, it goes beyond just being academically brilliant. Your extra-curricular activities…be it young leaders, scouts, girl guides, cadets….and also the internalization of some critical social skills such as decision making, problem solving, teamwork will help to get you to the highest heights,” Stephens said.

The senior education officer also expressed confidence in the awardees, that they would be among a large number of students who will excel in the upcoming 2015 CSEC exams.

This year, all recipients were given the opportunity to have accounts opened at the Bank of St Vincent and the Grenadines (BOSVG).

BOSVG representative and Miss SVG 2014 Shadeisha George congratulated the students on their achievement.

“This recognition that you have received serves as a testament of your hard work and the long nights that you have put in to ensure that you do well,” George said.

“I want to encourage you to continue to put in that hard work. It doesn’t end here. You have a lot to prove; not only to yourself, but to your family and country.”

The George Phillips Excellence award and luncheon is an annual event, which is hosted by the Rotary Club of St Vincent. The award is in memory of charter member George Phillips, who excelled academically, as well as in the sporting arena. He is also remembered by his fellow Rotarians as a kind, honest and jovial individual.(BK)