May 27, 2014
There should be rules and regulations to bring a bus on the road – Bacchus

Persons wishing to operate minibuses here should have to go through the minibus association before permission is granted for them to do so.{{more}}

This view was expressed by the president of the National Omnibus Association (NOBA), Anthony Bacchus, on Sunday, during a meeting of NOBA to discuss proposals regarding minibus operations with Government.

“You go register your bus, get your licence. The conductor will just take two pictures, pull $10 out of his pocket, go in and ask for a conductor licence and he get it and that’s it. To me, that is totally wrong!” Bacchus stated.

The NOBA head said workshops should be set up geared towards hygiene, defensive driving, communication and alcohol while driving.

“These are the things we need to get in place. As long as we don’t have this, we will always have the problems that we are having. They are going to go and buy a bus, you don’t know what is going on. You are going to put it on the road and feel like nobody can’t tell you anything because it’s my bus… This brings problems. There should be rules and regulations before you could bring a bus on the road,” Bacchus continued.

In making his plea to the government and other relevant authorities, Bacchus said they are only trying to practice safety and assist the public.(KW)