May 23, 2014
SVG not informed by US of recent deportees – CoP

While it is the norm that the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVGPF) is informed about the arrival of deportees, Commis­sioner Michael Charles said this was not the case with the last batch of deportees from the United States.{{more}}

“Normally, the Embassy would usually send something and even the consulate in Washington and New York will send information in advance, but this time that didn’t happen,” Charles said in a brief interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday.

Four men: Atiba James, Orande Williams, Casmen Samuel and Vanrick King arrived at Canouan wearing shackles on Friday, May 16.

They came on board a Gulf Stream jet, accompanied by US Marshals.

The deported men are said to have been deported for committing a range of offences ranging from drugs and identity theft to battery and overstaying.

The Commissioner, when asked, said he was not certain of the number of persons who had returned to SVG so far for 2014, after being deported from the USA.