Unacceptable: Charles issues stern warning to officers
March 7, 2014

Unacceptable: Charles issues stern warning to officers

Two police constables from the Georgetown and Colonarie Police Stations respectively, will go before a tribunal for allegedly giving persons who call to the station the excuse: “no transportation is available.”{{more}}

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Commissioner of Police Michael Charles says while all the police stations in the country are not outfitted with a transport, for a police officer to tell someone who has a problem that no transport is available, is unacceptable.

According to Charles, he recently received a telephone call from a concerned citizen from Diamond who stated that they telephoned the Stubbs Police Station and were told that there was no transport available.

Charles said the person told him that they contacted the Calliaqua Police Station and were told that their transportation was out.

“…Between Stubbs and Calliaqua is the Rapid Response Unit. All I did was call the Rapid Response Unit and they responded. When someone calls the station, they don’t want to hear if police has transport or not. They want their problem solved. I don’t understand why some police officers still tell people there is no transport. That is not the people’s concern,” Charles sternly said.