Dark View waterfall site reopens
February 28, 2014

Dark View waterfall site reopens

By: Taranjah Yaw Fri Feb 28, 2014

When the Christmas Eve weather system caused landslides, flooding and boulder deposits along parts of the road to the Dark View waterfall,{{more}} it also damaged the famous bamboo bridge that spans the river, and the more recent concrete and wooden European Union funded bridge. The site was declared unsafe.

However, business has since returned, and last Friday the site received its first major visit from about 120 visitors from the cruise ship AIDA LUNA; and then 91 more from AZURA visited the next day. Passengers from Ventura also visited the site on Tuesday.

Michelle Forsyth, tour coordinator for tour agents Corea’s and Hazells Inc, told SEARCHLIGHT that they are happy that the Dark View waterfall site is back in operation, as it is very important to their tour offering.

The bamboo bridge has been rebuilt in its original area and was made sturdier with multiple stays running along the sides, which has also reduced the sway.

The first waterfall is undamaged, but the pond area and the man-made pond below were filled with large and small boulders and sand. The secondary fall above is also in good condition and the path through the stream is less difficult than before.

Chair of the North Leeward Tourism Association Clem Derrick told SEARCHLIGHT that he is happy to see the site back in operation and credit must be given to all who contributed to the process. Derrick also said that they have improved on the building of the bamboo bridge and that they are hoping to build another at Cumberland to span the river there and also develop the Petit Bordel waterfall site. The Dark View waterfall site was developed in 2003 and further development took place in 2009 when administrative facilities, rest rooms and vending structures were installed. The area is one of the most popular tourist destination on the main land.