February 25, 2014
Digicel wins top advertising award

Tue Feb 25, 2014

Kingston, Jamaica: Digicel was the big winner at this year’s Caribbean Advertising Federation American Advertising Awards, taking home the top prize of the Best of Show Overall Award for its ‘Be Extraordinary’ television ad and the Best of TV Award for the same piece of work.{{more}}

According to the elite judging panel, “the spot was exceptionally well executed, told a great story, and had a good combination of sound, copy and cinematography that engages the viewer.”

Digicel’s “Be Extraordinary” brand idea and its stunning TV commercial is based on the premise of “everyday people doing extraordinary things” – and that the extraordinary can be found all around if we just take the time to have a second look. The brand idea is being rolled out across Digicel’s 31 markets in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia-Pacific.

Importantly, the ad broke new ground in that it was shot in a single take with the playback, then slowed down to allow the viewer to see and relish all that is going on before them.

As such, the ad features a lady boarding a bus and then gazing out of the window as the bus speeds along an activity-filled street. The activity on the street is shown in slow motion as the lady passenger takes the time to look more closely at – and delight in – what is happening in front of her: a group of kids showing off their nifty footballing skills; a boy doing stunts on his bike; a vendor juggling tropical fruits; a lively game of dominoes; kids having a water fight; a couple sharing a passionate kiss; a girl revelling in her carnival outfit – the street is packed with extraordinary everyday events. The winning “Be Extraordinary” TV ad can be viewed at this link