February 7, 2014

Family Court employee accused of issuing false receipts

Police are reported to be carrying out investigations into a matter in which bogus receipts were allegedly issued to a woman by an employee of the Family Court, which under-stated monies sent from abroad to the woman by her child’s father to pay child support.{{more}}

A reliable and well placed source close to SEARCHLIGHT said the child’s father, who is a sailor, returned to St Vincent recently and went to the court to make a payment on Monday.

According to our source, when the man attempted to pay his child’s support, he was told that he was in arrears.

That same day, the man is alleged to have called the child’s mother and asked her about the money he was sending.

According to the source said that the mother went to the Family Court, equipped with the receipts and while there pointed to the employee who signed the alleged bogus receipts.

The source said following checks, it was revealed that the receipts given to the mother were not receipts that are usually issued by the court.

SEARCHIGHT also understands that the Criminal Investigations Department (C.I.D.) was called in on the matter and they took the employee to her home to execute a search for more of the alleged bogus receipts.

It is unclear if anything illegal was found and the employee was released pending further investigations.

When contacted, prosecutor at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, Assistant Superintendent Glenford Gregg confirmed that a report had been made about the matter.

He however, declined further comment on the matter stating that it was under investigation.