January 31, 2014
Petit Bordel waterfall the new star attraction

Fri Jan 31, 2014

By Taranjah Yaw

The recent destructive weather system wreaked havoc on the valleys, waterways and routes to natural sites in North Leeward, and with the cruise ship season a mere two months old at the time, many popular sites in the area including Dark View, Trinity and Baleine waterfalls were put off limits.{{more}}

Enter the Petit Bordel Waterfall.

The little known but spectacular fall has been gaining popularity with daily visitors from Rose Bank trekking the moderately difficult trails along the river bank to bathe and catch drinking water, after the weather system knocked out pipes and made other water sources unsafe.

The area is also a big attraction for youths from Petit Bordel and continues to gain popularity especially on weekends.

The water cascades off the rock side facing north as the fall is not fed from the river; the weather system exposed the source of the water about 100 feet up the cliff.

The area is enclosed by green hills, and the Petit Bordel petroglyps are located up the nearby hill in the direction of Rose Hall and are reported to have suffered no damage from the weather system, according to a reliable source.

The waterfall is located about one mile from the coast and the road is motorable up to a quarter of a mile.

Former area representative Jerrol Thompson told SEARCHLIGHT that the Government has already approved funds to develop the site. A women’s group in the area is the local focal point.