January 24, 2014
Undercharging passengers creating a problem – NOBA

President of the National Omnibus Association (NOBA), Anthony “Code Red” Bacchus is complaining about a brewing problem between passengers and van drivers concerning fares, and he believes the source of the problem is undercharging by some drivers.{{more}}

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT earlier this week, Baccchus said some omnibus operators are not following the stipulated fares that were approved by the Government on August 8, 2011.

“You could charge what the fare says. If you over charge, it is illegal. If you charge under, it is not illegal because these are private businesses,” he said.

“Some vans (for example may) charge them (passengers) a dollar. Then when the time comes, they can’t catch that special van and they catch another van, which might charge them the correct price… it is causing confusion,” he said.

“(The) person might catch a van and the conductor charge them two dollars and the passenger begins to argue and state that they usually pay a dollar.”

Bacchus urged the travelling public to learn the correct fares and further beseeched omnibus operators and conductors to stick to the fares the Government set out.

“Stick to the gazetted fare. Do not charge less because it is causing confusion. I know some van drivers adhere. This is pertaining to the ones who are undercharging. I don’t know if it is to be popular or what, but it is causing confusion with passengers and other van drivers,” he added.