January 14, 2014
PM Gonsalves to reveal identity of mysterious donor

The identity of the individual who will donate refrigerators, stoves and mattresses to persons in need will be revealed in due course.{{more}}

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves gave this assurance yesterday, while speaking at a handover ceremony at Cabinet Room.

Earlier this month, Gonsalves disclosed that a wealthy man will be donating a stove and refrigerator to all households that lost these items in the flood disaster, as well as 1,000 mattresses for affected persons.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister stated that “rather than think of the generosity of this and the hope that it holds out”, persons have commented on his announcement by saying that he is “not transparent enough”.

Gonsalves stated that he has not revealed the name of the donor or his company because it will be disclosed at a later date.

“I am the Prime Minister of this country. You think I’m going to get it from a criminal money launderer or a drug man?” he asked.

“Just wait. The name of the person will be known and when the name of the person is known, as I said, those who were impugning the possible integrity of that donor by their innuendos, will have egg all over their faces. The ordinary person is interested in getting the fridge or the stove and the bed because he and she has the confidence that the person they have elected as Prime Minister will be acting honourably in this matter.”

Additionally, the Prime Minister stressed the importance of acquiring the appliances as soon as possible and noted that it will save money.

“We have to feed a lot of people because they can’t cook and they can’t store their food. It will save the spending of the money and give them a greater sense of dignity that they’re cooking their own food and they have their own stuff and so on,” he said.(BK)