BRAGSA working to correct damage to roads, bridges
January 7, 2014
BRAGSA working to correct damage to roads, bridges

Approximately 26 contractors from private and public agencies have contributed to the restoration efforts of the Roads, Buildings and General Services Authority (BRAGSA).{{more}}

During a press conference on Monday, officials from BRAGSA indicated that they have been working to correct infrastructural damage that occurred in the December 24 and 25 floods.

Manager of Infrastructure, Kenyatta Alleyne detailed some major aspects of the damage, particularly that which affects roads, drainage networks and bridges.

“We experienced significant impact in six major rivers where they flooded their banks and created substantial damage to the road network, as well as homes, properties and the like,” Alleyne said.

Alleyne noted that an entire Bailey bridge was lost in the Colonarie area, while another was significantly damaged at Caratal.

“We have deployed no [fewer] than 26 contractors, both private and state agencies, including IADC (International Airport Development Corporation), HLDC (Housing and Land Development Corporation), Innotech contractors as well, who have provided equipment for assisting us. Among them, they have supplied about 40 pieces of equipment and that’s inclusive of two pieces that we got from Trinidad. We also got some support in the form of two engineers who have helped along with assessments and evaluation,” he revealed.

Alleyne indicated that persons living in the interior have not yet seen equipment move into their areas to correct damage. The manager assured that these persons are not being neglected.

Additionally, he revealed that emphasis has been concentrated on creating river defences for two of the six rivers that eroded their banks significantly and, as a result, there is a shortage of appropriate equipment for doing that kind of work.

“I want to appeal to residents who have not yet seen equipment come into their areas to let us know. There are pockets off of the main that may seem to have been neglected, but let me assure you that that is not so. As I said before, we don’t have all the equipment required, but once we know, then we can continue to make inroads in some of the villages, especially the farm roads. We look forward to making significant inroads… in re-establishing access to those communities that are still affected,” Alleyne said.

Furthermore, Alleyne cautioned persons who may travel on roads on high embankments. He highlighted areas beyond Rabacca, including Orange Hill, Owia, Fancy and Sandy Bay that were substantially affected by landslides, and said that “heavy scouring of the road in some instances where you have high enbankments, those are now dangerous for persons to be traversing.

“Unless you have absolute need to be traversing some of these roads, we advise that you proceed with caution,” he said.

“You can have access among the main highways of the nation. We still have some areas that will be cordoned off so that the public traversing these areas, especially for the heavier vehicles to proceed with caution”.

BRAGSA is using boulders in the rivers at Colonarie and Spring Village to create river defenses in those areas.(BK)