January 7, 2014
BRAGSA halts mining operations

Two mining operations of the Roads, Buildings and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) have been closed until further notice.{{more}}

BRAGSA chief executive officer (CEO) Deirdre Myers made this announcement Monday, while speaking at a press conference. She stated that their operations at Rabacca and Brighton Bay have been halted temporarily.

“These sites are now closed. With respect to the Rabacca operation, it has to do with the failed bridge at Caratal, where we are not permitting heavy vehicles to cross. Until we have constructed a temporary pass…we will not be able to sell material from Rabacca,” Myers explained.

“With respect to Brighton, we’ve been having for the past three weeks or so, problems with the wave action. You’ll note that we’ve been experiencing a lot of high winds, especially on the windward side of the island. Therefore, it’s not safe for us to operate at the Brighton site.”

Rabacca is a source for construction aggregate, while sand is mined at Brighton Bay. The CEO assured that the necessary announcements will be made when operations resume at both sites.