JCI past presidents honoured as senators
January 3, 2014
JCI past presidents honoured as senators

Three members of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) were bestowed with lifetime membership to the organization, at a special ceremony last weekend.{{more}}

Past presidents Kenrick Murray, Claudius Millington and Douglas Rose were given the title of senators, the highest individual honour for a member of the organization, during a pinning ceremony last Saturday at Grenadine House.

The men were recognized for their hard work, dedication and contribution to the organization, nationally, and internationally over the years, and apart from the senator’s pins, were presented with certificates and membership cards.

Murray, who joined the organization in 1982, was elected president in 1986, and served the organization on various committees, including the chairmanship of the new members project, the disability awareness committee, chapter secretary, legal counsel and advisor. His senator number is 70332.

Claudius Millington, senator number 70333 joined the JCI in 2001, where he served as director, vice president, president in 2002, and legal advisor. Millington also served as the convention chairman when the organization held its first long convention in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Senator number 70334 Rose became a member in 1984, where he served as director of social activities, vice president, treasurer, president, and chairman of the interim committee that spearheaded the re-affiliation of JCI, among other roles.

The men were encouraged to continue their support to the local chapter, and participation in the recruitment of young men and women. The men were pinned by Senator Alice Mandeville, and were congratulated by other senators and members of the organization.

The JCI is a membership based non-profit organization of 200,000 young people, ages 18 to 40, in 5,000 communities and more than 100 countries around the world.

The organization was established in St Vincent and the Grenadines in 1959, with a membership of 35.