South Rivers residents come together to clean up community
December 27, 2013
South Rivers residents come together to clean up community

Some may have lost their personal items or homes, but luckily there is still life.{{more}}

This was the sentiment expressed by some residents of South Rivers, one of the areas heavily impacted by the torrential rains on Tuesday – Christmas Eve.

And while Wednesday was a day that many would have otherwise spent with their loved ones and close friends, residents took to the streets armed with hoes and shovels in an effort to remove what the rising water had deposited.

Michelle Lewis explained that there were reports of damage throughout the community.

Included in the list were the Methodist and Pentecostal Churches she said.

Lewis said there were many reports of damage done to houses in an area known as “Pasture”.

“Some lost everything, but praise God we have life,” she said.

She added that in the 40 years that she resided in the area, this was the first time that she had witnessed anything like this – especially on Christmas Day.

Another woman, a resident of an area known as “Hog Hole” told SEARCHLIGHT that her home had been spared, but that the areas which bordered the river received the most damage.

She said that she was at home trying to relax on Christmas morning.

“But I couldn’t, I had to come down and work,” the resident said.

She was among some of the villagers who were trying to move large deposits of mud left behind by the water which flooded the area.

The woman, who said that she has lived in the area for 34 years, also said that in addition to property and personal items, some residents lost animals and crops.

Colleen Fernandez, another resident, said that she was okay, but that she estimates that she lost $500 worth of ground provisions.

“Me been jus’ done pay fuh weed dem,” the frustrated woman said.

Shemmel Samuel, the operator of Lockdown Bar said that his business was affected by the flood.

According to Samuel, he lost all his DJ equipment and his freezer.

“I lose my entire music system and deep freeze,” he said.

Yesterday, during an address to the nation, Prime Minister (Ag) Girlyn Miguel declared that South Rivers one of the country’s disaster areas. (DD)