Father thankful for safety of 3 children
December 27, 2013
Father thankful for safety of 3 children

A Rose Bank father is thanking his lucky stars after he found his three children safe, but battered, after they were washed out of their home during flooding on Tuesday.{{more}}

Fisherman Oswald Harry told SEARCHLIGHT that around 10 p.m. Tuesday, he was at home with three of his children, who were in another room sleeping, when he heard a loud explosion, and water and mud began to pour into his home.

Harry said his first thoughts were of his children, so he went looking for them, but couldn’t get to them, as the house was split and fill with mud.

“I start to bawl and call out their names, and after I went outside into the road, I found them, they had been swept out of the house into the road.”

Eleven-year-old Asisha, five-year-old Jessica and two-year-old Rondell were found in the streets battered and bruised but safe.

“I don’t want to go back in that house, I will have to find somewhere else to build by the help of God and I am thankful that my children are safe”, a relieved Harry said.

The children were admitted to the Chateaubelair hospital where they remained up to press time.(TY)