Senior citizens get treated to Christmas luncheon
December 20, 2013
Senior citizens get treated to Christmas luncheon

Serving the community of Bequia is the primary focus of the Bequia Rotary Club. On Sunday, December, 15, the Bequia Rotary Club held its 23rd annual Christmas luncheon for the senior citizens.{{more}}

This luncheon was well attended by 70 persons and was held at the club’s headquarters at Lower Bay, Bequia.

According to the club secretary Anthony Compton, this venture is also supported by the Bequia Canadian organization, which donates foodstuff that is later distributed to the senior citizens.

The club, which was chartered in September 1988, is presently involved in a youth on the sea programme, in which youngsters are taught the art of sailing; a wheelchair project; and an inter-school athletics meet held every March 14 in Bequia. The club has also joined with the Northern Grenadines Community Development Inc to establish the Bequia Medical Emergency Fund. They also donate equipment to the Bequia Casualty Hospital and brought Rotary Village Doctors to Bequia, in which doctors in different fields such as dentists, neurosurgeons, opticians, etc, come in to serve the community for a day.

Compton said that the luncheon was well appreciated by the seniors and they expressed gratitude to the Bequia Rotary Club and the Bequia Canadian Organization for their love and assistance over the years.(DK)