Digicel gives to Georgetown Special Needs children
December 20, 2013
Digicel gives to Georgetown Special Needs children

The School for Children with Special Needs Georgetown received a much welcomed visit from Digicel last week.{{more}}

Marketing manager Juno DeRoche and Marketing executive Justin John took time out from their busy schedules and journeyed to the Georgetown based institution, bearing gifts and Christmas wishes. And in return, the students welcomed the Digicel team by singing songs and reciting choral speeches.

“This was really a treat to see these children perform at this level”, said DeRoche; “they have truly shown that disability is not inability, because some of the singers that sang so wonderfully are hearing impaired and sight impaired and still manage to sing so well”.

Teacher in charge at the school Arifa Charles said that the students had prepared the songs for the National School Music Christmas Festival in which they took part and managed to reach the finals for the third time.

“We decided to put on a mini concert for the Digicel team who came to us and brought joy; they shared the Christmas spirit with us and we are very glad because people often forget about us and feel that we are not important, but Digicel has shown they are different and we look forward to continuing this partnership”.

Going on, she said “we are thrilled that they have come and the fact that they took the time to be here shows they care, so we grateful”, said Charles.

She said that the school caters to 23 students, 15 boys and eight girls and has seven teachers. Digicel also gave free credit to the teachers.

The school embraces children from as far as Yambou and Owia and follows a curriculum set by the Ministry of Education. It caters to the blind, autistic, hearing impaired, as well as children with physical and mental challenges.

“We were just glad that we could give gifts to everyone and we will continue to do our part whenever we can”, said DeRoche who also handed over a Digicel office phone to the school.