Prographix can put SVG  on the map – Videographer
December 13, 2013
Prographix can put SVG on the map – Videographer

Although the brand has been around since 2004, the main office of Prographix was officially opened in Kingstown on December 5.{{more}}

Prographix, the brainchild of Philbert “Ice Kid” DeFreitas, is a video and graphics design studio, which offers a wide range of services that include video production, designs for television commercials, music videos and documentaries, as well as videotaping for weddings and funerals and graphics for vehicles, logos, business cards, fliers and signs.

Diana Davis, videographer and editor, told SEARCHLIGHT that the business started out as a hobby for DeFreitas, who is known for being a DJ.

“It first started out as a passion for him and developed into a career goal that he wanted to focus on,” she said.

Instead of operating Prographix out of his home, DeFreitas said that he wanted to make his business more central. Additionally, the manager indicated that he hopes not only to promote himself, but other videographers as well.

“The studio is here for rent also, for independent videographers, photographers. They can come and rent the studio for when they have jobs but cannot find the space,” he explained.

DeFreitas also noted that radio advertisements and professional photography will soon be added to the list of services that are already offered at the studio.

Prographix, which is located on the top floor of St James Place Building on Grenville Street, comes equipped with a green screen, state of the art equipment and a warm and friendly staff.

Davis has had a wealth of experience, including working on TLC show, Four Weddings and Big Brother in Canada. She stated that it is the hope that they can not only provide a quality product for their clients, but put St Vincent and the Grenadines on the map as well.

“I’ve always had a passion for graphic design and video,” she told SEARCHLIGHT. “This is a passion for us. This is what we love to do and sharing that passion with St Vincent and the Grenadines is something I think the country needs, because we have a lot of talented videographers and editors out there, but we don’t have a central area where you can get work done and I think this will help provide that service.

“Here, at Prographix, I’m hoping that we can be an entry way, a gateway into encouraging foreign productions to come and look at St Vincent and the Grenadines as a potential production outlet”.

The manager assures that his clients will receive excellent service for an affordable price. In the case that someone may not be able to afford, DeFreitas said that his prices are negotiable.

“We cater to young and old business people…it’s (price) negotiable,” he said.

Prographix may be contacted at 593-3225 or 5313225 and by email address: [email protected]