KLC Shippers, SVG Consulate in Canada spreading Christmas cheer to Vincentians
December 6, 2013
KLC Shippers, SVG Consulate in Canada spreading Christmas cheer to Vincentians

A small group of Vincentians can look forward to a brighter Christmas this year.{{more}}

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Consulate in Canada has joined forces with KLC Shippers to spread some Christmas cheer to 10 persons in the East St George constituency by providing them with much needed items.

St Lucian national and owner of KLC Shippers Ken Chitolie told SEARCHLIGHT that these plans have been in the works for quite some time.

“The last three or four years, I’ve had discussions with some [Vincentian] citizens up here, but we’ve never been able to nail it down, because everyone has their own idea as to how to get this thing done, but nothing constructive have come out of it until Mr Huggins came up here and I put the plan to him and of course, there was action,” Chitolie said.

Chitolie revealed that under the banner of “Feed the Poor Programme”, the lucky individuals will receive a variety of food and household items for the season.

“We sent a huge box and that will be equivalent of about five barrels in there. It’s a mixture. We have 10 of each item and it starts with flour, rice, sugar, oil, peas and beans, Kraft peanut butter, macaroni and cheese, dishwashing liquid, soap, toothpaste and pasta,” the businessman said.

Although Chitolie has no Vincentian roots, he said that the Vincentian community has been extremely supportive of his business in Canada, especially around the Christmas season when there are concessions on barrels in SVG.

He added that he wants to donate items to persons in St Vincent and the Grenadines, every year.

“We do not want this to be just a one time thing. I don’t know how well we can put this plan together, but we want to do it throughout the year,” he said.

Consul General Fitzgerald Huggins is extremely supportive of what Chitolie has decided to do and bestowed praises onto the businessman for his generosity.

“Ken has been very instrumental in assisting the consulate in getting free shipment of items to do charity, anything to do with charity, medical purposes, any charitable items, for schools. He is very good at giving us concessions or free shipping,” Huggins pointed out.

Huggins, who is from the East St George constituency, explained that the 10 persons were chosen with the help of nurses who work in the area.

When Huggins arrives later this month, he will be distributing the items to the individuals by Christmas Eve.

“We’ve asked nurses in the East St George area to give us the names of 10 people who, in their opinion, are the most 10 needy people in the area because you know these older people will visit clinics. I have folks at home dealing with those names and when I get down there on the 22nd, I will be clearing the items and doing the distribution by at least the 24th,” he said.

The Consul General, who initiated the “Drop ah Dollar” campaign to raise funds for the international airport, is making arrangements to facilitate a larger distribution programme in the coming years.

He explained that there will be drop off points at areas in Canada so persons can donate items.

“We want to grow it, this year is 10. We want to grow it to a hundred next year,” Huggins explained.

“Similar to what we do with the ‘Drop ah Dollar’…we call it ‘Drop-a Can,’ where we have drop off points… where people can drop off their stuff from September next year…so by next Christmas, we can feed at least 100 people”.

Huggins also thanked Chitolie and said that “the St Vincent and the Grenadines Consulate wish to thank Ken and KLC for this gesture and we look forward to building it into something stronger…and make it a more island wide distribution next year”.

In addition to providing less fortunate persons in SVG with items next year, Chitolie plans on expanding the programme into his home country of St Lucia.

KLC Shippers has been in operation for 30 years and ships a variety of items to SVG, using a cost effective route. Their rates have been described as “affordable” and their agent in St Vincent and the Grenadines is Arabesque.(BK)