Vincentian in BVI convicted of assaulting wife, threatening to chop off man’s head
November 19, 2013
Vincentian in BVI convicted of assaulting wife, threatening to chop off man’s head

Tues Nov 19, 2013

Keith Quammie, who got into a fight with his wife and threatened to chop off the head of a man who intervened, was convicted on a number of assault charges in the Magistrate’s Court on November 1.{{more}}

The St Vincent and the Grenadines national, who has been living in the BVI for past 24 years, was convicted on two counts of common assault against his wife Julie Quammie, and two counts of common assault against Peter Gray.

He was also convicted on the charges of affray and damaging of property.

The court heard that the offences took place some time in September after Quammie went to pick up his daughter from school.

It was said that, on his arrival at the school, the Paraquita Bay resident met his wife, who had also gone there with similar intentions.

An argument later ensued and both parents began pulling on the child.

The tussle between the two quickly escalated into a fight and Quammie started to choke his wife.

It was said that Gray, who saw what was taking place, intervened and Quammie struck him in the face.

This resulted in Gray’s sunglasses being broken. It was at this point that Quammie threatened to chop off Gray’s head.

During mitigation on Friday, Quammie’s lawyer appealed to Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards to consider a non-custodial sentence for her client.

She argued that Quammie had no previous conviction, and is the father of two children.

Asked by the magistrate if he had anything to say on his behalf, the Vincentian man said he respected the court’s decision, and apologized for what had taken place between him and his wife.

“It wasn’t my intention to go and aggravate Julie; it’s just unfortunate what happened,” he said.

“At the end of the day, we still do not have any winners or losers in this. It’s just my daughter who is still hurting.”

Quammie should have been sentenced last Friday, November 15. (BVI News Online)