Lodge Village Government School completes parent week
November 19, 2013
Lodge Village Government School completes parent week

Acknowledging that the child’s first and most influential teacher is the parent, the teachers of the Lodge Village Government School planned and executed a very successful Parent Week.{{more}}

According to a release from the school, one of the aims of the school is to improve the children’s grades and behaviour by working closer with the parents.

The principal and teachers are happy with the outcome of the activities planned for that week, the release said. They felt that more parents could have been more involved, but by reaching some, they felt that they have accomplished much in these activities.

On Monday, the parents conducted the general assembly and took time to visit the classes. They continued with the theme of the month – Good manners. In the evening, teachers visited homes in the Kingstown Park area.

On Tuesday, the parents who came for Parent-to-Parent – a group which was formed so that parents could help each other, especially in the area of disciplining their children, decided to help to decorate the school.

Wednesday was Open Day. Parents visited the school and one class, Grade 1 Daniel, took the opportunity to have a workshop for the parents on how to improve grades. The Grade K parents went on an observation walk with their children and teachers.

At the PTA meeting on Thursday, the trend continued where the parents were involved in sessions on improving their children’s grades. They learnt games to play with their children (making learning fun), mnemonics and how to help with homework

On Friday, it was Parent Health Day. Parents were invited to the school to have their pressure and sugar levels checked. Parents who are in the medical field volunteered their services for this activity. Thirty-eight persons ranging between the ages of 21 and 81 were seen by these nurses. Parents were lectured on hypertension: its causes, signs and symptoms, preventative measures and lifestyle modification. Some of these patients had to be referred to their district clinics for follow-up.

The week culminated on Saturday with a MOONLIGHT NIGHT INDOOR/OUTDOOR GAMES night. Over 100 parents and children gathered at the school for a fun-filled night. Games such as Gypsy in the moonlight, Red Rover, One-a-twenty, Who is coming here, Brown girl in the ring, Dog and bone were played. Parents lingered long after the event was over.