November 15, 2013

MoonHole book available this month

Long a mystery (more recently thought a derelict) and lately closed to the public, “MoonHole, the unique community” created on the south shore of Bequia, has come alive in the pages of a new book by the same name.{{more}}

The book arrives at the Bequia Bookshop on November 18, 2013.

The MoonHole was created by Tom Johnston as a private resort for adults chosen from his college classmates, friends and acquaintances, whom he found compatible. Tom built (when asked) houses for those persons of consequence who would accept his rule. Tom’s vision was of a utopian community, built in harmony with nature, therefore, not requiring windows or doors. There were no straight lines because they didn’t exist in nature.

In forty years of his reign (five times longer than most of his country’s presidents), Tom built 15 houses and numerous service facilities.

Tom died in 2002, leaving the majority of his assets in MoonHole Company to a new company to be directed by his named appointees.

The book originally commissioned by Tom Johnston is the inside story… but not the end…