Leader turned off by some call-in  programmes
November 15, 2013
Leader turned off by some call-in programmes

Political Leader of the governing Unity Labour Party (ULP) Dr Ralph Gonsalves is sometimes turned off by the quality of call-in programmes on the ULP-owned radio station, Star FM.{{more}}

Speaking at the National Council Meeting at the Peace Memorial Hall in Kingstown last Thursday, Gonsalves told party supporters that it is important that the party does its communication work wisely, and suggested that the current format he hears leaves a lot to be desired.

“Sometimes, when I listen to some of our radio programmes, I would tell the comrades who driving me, I say ‘man turn to another station’,” he told supporters.

“Because some of our comrades who call in, they don’t want to take guidance from the host, and sometimes the host who go on, go on without a clear idea in their head what they must talk about today or tomorrow, or the rest of the week.”

The Leader informed the gathering that as a result, newly appointed senators Jomo Thomas, Camillo Gonsalves and Luke Browne have been recruited to a revived committee that deals with media and communication.

Star FM produces up to four party related programmes a day, including the simulcast of the WE FM produced Shake Up.

Some of the programming includes Morning Scoop, Star Youth Lime, ULP Speaks, Star Street Beat, and Star Issues. (JJ)