Police officers taunt me and my family – woman
November 8, 2013
Police officers taunt me and my family – woman

The mother of an imprisoned young man is alleging that she is being harassed, since a clash with police officers outside the Magistrate’s Court resulted in her and another son being arrested.{{more}}

Susan Samuel told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, that ever since the September 23 incident, police officers have been meeting her in the street and “throwing words” at her.

On the day in question, Samuel and other members of her family were at court, where her son Clifford Samuel was being tried for burglary.

He was found guilty, and following the sentencing, Raffique Samuel, Clifford’s brother got into a heated argument with someone involved in the case.

When police got involved, blows were exchanged, resulting in Raffique, Susan and another son being arrested.

Susan and Raffique were subsequently slapped with a number of charges, including obstructing arrest, assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, and using threatening language. The other son was not charged.

Susan told SEARCHLIGHT that on a number of occasions after that, she was met by officers who taunted her, and that the entire scenario is causing her much stress.

“They saying that we beat police and if we think we getting any justice… me and my son will go to jail.

“Police need to leave me and my family alone. They need to stop.”

Susan maintains that she and her son are innocent of the charges brought against her, and that while she received bail, her son has been denied bail, and remanded in custody until the December 13 hearing.

“What Raffique do that he can’t get bail?”

“How could a rapist or somebody who they find with gun can get bail and my son can’t? He didn’t thief, he didn’t rape he didn’t kill he didn’t do nothing like that.”

“He is the only bread winner for his family, he has five children to feed,” Samuel lamented.

The matriarch said that the entire ordeal is causing her stress, and she is anxious to get the whole case over and done with, as she knows that she and her son will be vindicated.

The woman also stands by her previous claim that her incarcerated son is innocent.

“My son gone to prison innocently. But of it’s one thing I know is that God’s payment may be slow but it is sure,” she said.