Leacock slams parliamentarians for no-show at Independence Rally
November 1, 2013

Leacock slams parliamentarians for no-show at Independence Rally

Parliamentary representative for Central Kingstown St Claire Leacock believes that all persons who wish to lead the nation should attend the annual Independence celebrations at Victoria Park.{{more}}

While delivering congratulatory remarks in the House of Assembly on Tuesday, Leacock expressed his views on the matter.

“I was at the parade at the [Victoria] Park and I implore all members of the Parliament to drop whatever they’re doing and find themselves at the Victoria Park when our nation is celebrating Independence,” he said.

“Independence and nation building is a serious exercise…and those of us who want to lead the nation must demonstrate that when the occasion presents itself. That’s how I feel about it”.

Leacock, who was the Commander of the St Vincent Cadet Force when St Vincent and the Grenadines gained independence in 1979, also expressed disappointment with several aspects of this year’s parade.

“It was the worst performance of the cadet band since 1968, I’ve ever seen,” he declared.

He also noted that although boy scouts were seen in the stands, none of them took part in the parade. Leacock stated that these were some of the things that needed to be rectified.

However, the parliamentarian commended the Pathfinders for an exceptional performance in the parade.

“I want to salute the Pathfinders. I thought they did better than the Cadets…fantastic performance,” Leacock said.

St Vincent and the Grenadines celebrated its 34th anniversary of Independence on October 27. The annual military parade was held at Victoria Park and saw troops from various entities taking part.

These entities included the Girl Guide Association, Cadet Corps, Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, Red Cross, Coastguard and Pathfinders.

At last Sunday’s parade, Leacock was the only Opposition parliamentarian seated in the area designated for Members of Parliament. (BK)