Imagination Mas Camp commences early fund-raising campaign for Vincy Mas 2014
November 1, 2013
Imagination Mas Camp commences early fund-raising campaign for Vincy Mas 2014

The Imagination Mas Camp has begun an early fund-raiser campaign for their Vincy Mas 2014 production.{{more}}

On November 2, the Mas camp will be hosting its Miss Junior Independence pageant.

The pageant, which features eight girls, from eight to 12 years old, will be held at the LIME bar, popularly known as Selwyn bar located on Granby Street.

Leader of the Imagination Mas camp Norman Quashie said patrons can expect nothing but the best at the upcoming event. He disclosed that, unlike other pageants, the Miss Junior Independence will not feature a swimwear section.

“It will just be sportswear, talent and best Independence evening wear,” Quashie said.

“Our aim is to create an avenue for these young ladies to showcase their talent without exposing themselves. After all, they are just kids looking to have fun and that’s what our pageant is about. Just clean fun with a pageantry that showcases our heritage,” he added.

Quashie explained that over the years, it has been difficult to raise enough funds for their carnival production, and this year, they have set about to start raising funds early.

“The economic situation is very difficult, as one can see and not every year we can get the sponsorship we truly would like to get. So, to avoid falling short at least, we have decided to embark on this pageant.

“It is going to be spectacular. The girls are ready, the location is set and the DJ’s are gearing up to entertain the crowd.

“Miss Junior Independence is going to be a pageant like no other,” Quashie further stated.

For Vincy Mas 2013, the Imagination Mas Camp production was called: “Trails and Nature of St Vincent and the Grenadines”.

According to Quashie, next year’s carnival production is already underway and promises to be a “mind blower” upon completion for Vincy Mas 2014.(AA)