LIME to introduce QUANTUM service to customers
October 25, 2013

LIME to introduce QUANTUM service to customers

Customers using the Internet service provided by Karib Cable are being urged to make the switch, ahead of the latest innovation that the telecommunications provider LIME will be launching in the next few months.{{more}}

LIME general manager Leslie Jack made the pitch on Wednesday, as he announced that the latest leap in technology, called QUANTUM, will soon be offered on the local market.

He called for his competitor’s customers to cross the floor as soon as possible, and take advantage of the extra incentive that will be given to them for their bold step.

“If you have your Karib Cable service, in anticipation of QUANTUM, as well as TV coming soon over the broadband service, we are suggesting to you that you switch right no;, you will get free Internet service until our QUANTUM service is launched.

“We are expecting that our QUANTUM service would be launched in at least the next four months, so at least you will have four months of free service.

“Switch now and you will get your service absolutely free,” Jack advised.

Jack described QUANTUM as “a leap in technology” that would affect positively the type of Internet speeds currently offered in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The GM announced that the company would be turning to the public, to determine what would be the minimum, medium and maximum speeds that will be offered to the residential customers under QUANTUM.

According to Jack, the customer who is able to correctly suggest the speeds that will be used by LIME will receive free broadband service for one entire year.

“We will not make any announcements during the next few months in terms of what speeds we will offer, but via Facebook and the general social media, we will ask you what speeds you think we should be offering in market.

“As far as our business customers are concerned, we will have a more direct approach with them and having that direct discussion.”

Beginning today, customers can get a taste of the QUANTUM experience, at the retail store in Kingstown.

Jack indicated that QUANTUM has been in the works for some time, with early preparations for its launch being the stability of LIME’s broadband service.

This was followed by the lowering of broadband rates in August this year, and is now to be followed by the introduction of the highly anticipated, new and exciting service.

“We moved our two meg service; initially it was $171.35; it is now $99. Our three meg service was initially $286; it is now $129 dollars. So, we’ve already brought the prices down significantly, much in line with the general international standards, in terms of delivering higher speeds for lower prices, and our plans are, in the next couple months, to launch the highest speeds with it. We want to give customers more opportunity to take advantage of the package,” Jack said.(JJ)