415 students receive Taiwan Scholarships
October 25, 2013

415 students receive Taiwan Scholarships

Over 400 students in St Vincent and the Grenadines have been awarded scholarships by the Republic of China (ROC) on Taiwan.{{more}}

During a presentation ceremony last Thursday, 415 students, ranging from primary to post secondary, received cheques from the Taiwanese government, to assist their regular attendance at school.

Chief education officer, Lou-Anne Gilchrist revealed that 187 primary school students would receive $400 each, 169 secondary school students would receive $800 each and 59 post secondary students would receive $1,000 each.

“This financial contribution is meant to support the attendance of our children in school,” Gilchrist said.

“Our relationship with the Republic of China on Taiwan goes back to more than 30 years…and during that time, the generosity of the people of the Republic of China on Taiwan has been unstinting”.

The Taiwan Scholarship Programme is a product of a five-year memorandum of understanding, which was signed between the Republic of China on Taiwan and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Weber Shih, ambassador to the Republic of China on Taiwan, observed that through the MOU, St Vincent and the Grenadines receives US$100,000 per year from the ROC, which goes towards this programme.

“Since 1998, the government of the Republic of China has been providing scholarships to Vincentian students of primary, secondary and tertiary schools. Thousands of students have benefitted from the scholarship,” the ambassador said.

“We are so proud to say that the Taiwan Scholarship programme is a very successful programme. It has provided support for students in need so they can complete their education, pursue their dreams…and make contribution to their country.”

Additionally, Shih noted that Taiwan also offers higher education scholarships to Vincentians and encouraged recipients to study hard so that they can also pursue education in Taiwan.

“We are so happy to see that more and more Vincentian students have completed their education and come back to the country to serve the country with further knowledge. For today’s scholarship recipients…you will continue to study hard and keep up good work. I do hope that one day, we can receive you for higher education in Taiwan,” he said.

In her remarks, Minister of Education and Deputy Prime Minister Girlyn Miguel attested to the generosity of Taiwan.

Miguel highlighted that the Republic of China on Taiwan has not only made its mark in education, but in other sectors as well.

“You look around in our country and you will see our learning resource centres…when you see them, say thank God for Taiwan…you see a state of the art building; it is our National Library…that too was built by the Republic of China on Taiwan,” she said.

The minister also pleaded with students in the audience to be honest with themselves and use the money that they have been given for the correct purpose.

“You are given that money for a specific purpose and it is given to help you along your educational path. It is not to buy a bed mattress. It is not to go to Kentucky. It is to be managed — and I am challenging our parents today — it is to be managed to help our students through this year,” Miguel stressed. (BK)