BRAGSA retrofits roof of Gomea Methodist School to curb bat problems
October 22, 2013

BRAGSA retrofits roof of Gomea Methodist School to curb bat problems

Communications Officer of the Roads, Buildings and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) Roxtanne Millington says that work done over the weekend at the Gomea Methodist School is expected to curb the bat infestation experienced at the institution.{{more}}

Last week, parents and staff members complained to the media that the presence of the winged mammals at the school had been causing problems, especially at the administrative building which houses the principal’s office, the staff room and the school’s tuck shop on the ground floor.

Bat droppings had been discovered in the staff room and principal’s office on a daily basis, and there were allegations that complaints made to the authorities had gone unheeded.

Last week, Millington had informed SEARCHLIGHT that work was to be conducted on the affected area over the weekend, and a visit to the school on Monday revealed that work was done. Millington said BRAGSA employees “bat proofed” the building. “The roof was removed, bat droppings were removed from the ceiling and new galvanized was placed.

“It is difficult to say how long the process would last, but we are hoping that it will last a lifetime. When the need arises, we will do what ever repairs that are necessary,” Millington told SEARCHLIGHT.

A teacher at the school told SEARCHLIGHT that it was too soon to say if the work done on the room had solved the problem, but they are hoping the chaos caused by the bat infestation at the school is a thing of the past.

The teacher said that only one bat was seen on the compound, hanging on the outside, when teachers turned up for school earlier in the day.

Bats can cause a number of harmful and fatal diseases and infections, including leptospirosis, salmonella, rabies, and lung infections.

The communications officer said any other upgrades to be done at the institution are to be done in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.(JJ)