ULP has no genuine love for poor people – NDP candidate
October 4, 2013

ULP has no genuine love for poor people – NDP candidate

The Unity Labour Party (ULP) government does not have a genuine love for the poor.{{more}}

Noel Dickson, New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate in the next general elections for the South Windward constituency, expressed this opinion last Saturday, during a public meeting at Fairbain Pasture.

Dickson, making his first public address since winning the nomination for the constituency over former parliamentarian, Burton Williams, said that Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves prefers to make people poor.

“And that is what he is trying to do, to make this nation poor,” he said.

However, the NDP will stop that, Dickson said, adding that when Vincentians go to the polls, they will be given the opportunity to remove a “Papa Doc” and “Baby Doc” type of regime from taking over.

Also speaking was Ben Exeter, the man selected to contest the Central Leeward seat for the NDP.

“We have to ask you, you have given a lot over the last 10 years – you have paid your taxes, you paid your VAT (Value Added Tax) what has the government done for you in the past 10 years?” Exeter asked the people present at the political meeting.

“All I have to say, unless you want more of the same, you have to make the change,” he continued.

Both men round up the party’s full slate of 15 candidates for the next general elections constitutionally due in 2015. (DD)