Students return to class at TSS
October 1, 2013

Students return to class at TSS

One week after being shut because of an acute viral illness affecting over 40 of its students, the Troumaca Secondary School (TSS) has reopened and is running at full pace.{{more}}

In an interview last Friday, principal Esther Burke told SEARCHLIGHT that extra classes were given during the week to help the students catch up on work lost during the week of closure.

“We had full attendance on Monday and it continued throughout the week”, Burke said.{{more}}

When asked if a contingency plan will be developed to deal with a similar incidents in the future, Burke said that her school is fortunate, as it is located right next door to the area clinic, so getting immediate medical treatment is possible, but other schools should put plans in place to deal with similar situations.

Burke said that she is happy to resume her duties and she is also grateful for a staff that can pull together and get things done.

“My sincere thanks to the medical staffs at the various health centres in the area and the parents and students for their patience and understanding”, Burke said.

The TSS was closed for one week after an unusually large number of students took ill with a viral illness which has since been identified as H1N1 Pandemic (09) or Swine Flu. (TY)