It pains me when I am  called ‘the bad boy’ – Leacock
September 24, 2013

It pains me when I am called ‘the bad boy’ – Leacock

Parliamentary Representative for Central Kingstown St Claire Leacock dislikes being referred to as the “bad boy” and is calling for some rebuilding to take place in the House of Assembly.{{more}}

Leacock made the call while congratulating the three newly appointed Government senators at the sitting of the House last week.

According to the Opposition parliamentarian, there is no doubt in his mind that politicians were their own worst enemies.

“We destroy ourselves before the public by the way we conduct ourselves in this House and so there is some rebuilding that we have to do,” he explained.

“I take this Parliament very seriously and sometimes it pains me when I am called the bad boy,” Leacock said.

He said he is pained because of the way he was brought up and the service that he has given to the country.

Over time, Leacock had been branded the “bad boy” because of his heated responses in Parliament and his many clashes with Speaker of the House Hendrick Alexander.

Leacock, however, defended his previous actions saying that depsite the frequent clashes with Alexander, he does not have any “beef” with the Speaker.

He however accused the Speaker of abusing his post, saying Alexander’s bias was obvious. (DD)