Roads getting one million dollar facelift
August 20, 2013

Roads getting one million dollar facelift

Roads in St Vincent are benefitting from a much needed facelift, from a $1 million patching programme being carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Works.{{more}}

Speaking in the House of Assembly last Thursday, Julian Francis, Minister of Transport and Works, said that he is aware that there are many roads which need to be patched.

“We know that there are a lot of roads yet to be patched and we will do it as resources come to hand,” Francis said.

Of the $1 million allocated to the patching programme, the minister noted that already, half of the funds have been spent and that the Buildings, Roads, and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) is a fundamental part of the programme.

“Half of that has been spent,” he said. “What we are doing…to stretch the dollar a little bit further is that a lot of this patching work is being done in house by two patching gangs of BRAGSA”.

In addition, Francis said the road clean-up programme is in full swing and he congratulated BRAGSA on an excellent job.

The road clean-up programme, valued at $324,320, spans from the north to the south of the country and employs a total of 3,416 persons.

According to Francis, this programme is carried out in St Vincent approximately three times per year.(BK)