August 20, 2013

Lime announces new Internet rates

Customers of telecommunications provider LIME are to experience savings on their Internet bills beginning this month.{{more}}

At a press conference on Tuesday last week, general manager Leslie Jack announced that LIME clients would start saving more than half off their rates.

“In this month of August, we have also decided to reduce our Internet rates, so our two ‘meg’ (megabyte) service; it used to be $171; it is now $99.

“Our three meg rate used to be $286; it is now $129, so persons can now see savings in the Internet space, of as much as 58 per cent.”

Jack said that the savings come on the heels of the company slashing its rates on mobile calls to local and regional numbers.

“LIME is a full telecommunications service provider…. So, a few months ago when we made the decision to go 60 cents anywhere, any time any network, local and Caribbean, mobile and fixed line, which basically is a savings… of 26 cents per minute or 78 cents every three minutes,” Jack said.

He pointed out that more would be said on the new rates, in the upcoming weeks and months.