SVGSIA awards two scholarships, 10 bursaries  to students
August 9, 2013

SVGSIA awards two scholarships, 10 bursaries to students

Two students were awarded scholarships, and 10 received bursaries, as the St Vincent and the Grenadines Solidarity in Action gave back to the children of its members this week.{{more}}

On Monday at the National Insurance Services training room, Solidarity in Action chairman Renwick Rose handed over cheques to full scholarship winners Maya Joy Abdoussala and Avin Cruickshank, as well as bursaries to Onolly Roberts, Kelvin Allen, Suete King, Terina Butler, Chezique Adams, Hassanya William, Krystal Forster, Aaliah Telesford and Denelson James.

Cruickshank, who placed 24th for boys in the Common Entrance Examination, will attend the St Vincent Grammar School, while the Girls’ High School-bound Abdoussala placed 11th for girls.

They both received $800 of the $1,200 they would receive over the next five years, at the presentation ceremony.

They will collect the remaining $400, in $200 installments.

The other students received $50 each, which is expected to be used to offset the cost of the book loan scheme.

Also receiving a monetary contribution was scholarship winner in 2012, Lericia Abbott.

The students were encouraged by Rose to not only focus on their school work, but also to engage in behaviour which would make them well-rounded individuals.

“It is not only that we want the children to do well in school academically, we speak of the child’s behaviour and attitude towards their school work, towards the other students and having some respect and so on, and we are going to insist that that is part of the conditions.

“We will encourage them to do well academically, but academics is not all, there is a lot more to it than that.”

Joy Matthews, director of the organization, also had words of encouragement for the students and parents.

“I want you to do your best. You’re moving to the next phase of your journey, and you are going to meet some challenges, but I believe that you are so moulded that you will be able to meet them head on.

“Parents, your children need you more than ever; please be involved in the school. You need to go and check up on your child to make sure that he or she is doing what they are supposed to be doing.”

The scholarship awards are the second set that the organization is giving, from income from the Solidarity car park since taking control of the venue in 2010. (JJ)