August 9, 2013

Mobile phone outlet buglarised

A local mobile phone outlet was burglarized on Wednesday, just after 1 a.m.{{more}}

Lynks, which is located on Halifax Street, became the latest victim of burglary this week when person(s) entered the building through the roof and made off with items.

When SEARCHLIGHT contacted the store, an employee stated that she was unsure of the total value of items that were stolen by the burglars, however she was able to indicate that more than one tablet was missing.

“We are actually seeing the roof now. We weren’t seeing the roof before,” she told SEACHLIGHT on Wednesday afternoon.

Although Lynks has an alarm system in place, the employee said that it had not gone off.

Furthermore, she stated that this was the first time that Lynks had been broken into.

The outlet adds to a list of business houses that are being targeted by bandits, with recents ones being the Russell’s Cineplex, New Haven Funeral Home in Rose Place and Joyette’s Auto Body Shop in Murray’s Village.

A call to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) confirmed that a burglary had occurred and that investigations were ongoing. (BK)