GECCU Automatic Teller Machine left bloodied, battered
August 6, 2013

GECCU Automatic Teller Machine left bloodied, battered

A police officer sustained injuries over the weekend, when in a fit of frustration, he attacked an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) of the General Employees Cooperative Credit Union (GECCU).{{more}}

Visitors to the credit union’s Halifax Street branch on Saturday morning were greeted by steel barricades, which cordoned off the ATM room from the rest of the facility.

Printed notices stating that ATM services had been suspended for the day were prominently posted on the building.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that the ATM services were suspended to facilitate the clean up of a pool of blood, and repairs to the machine which was damaged during the attack, which occurred at about 5 on Saturday morning.

One member of the credit union attempting to use the ATM at about 6 a.m. on Saturday found the room in a bloodied state, and the machine unfit for use. That member is said to have alerted staff members, who summoned the police.

Believing it to be an attempted burglary, police commenced investigation. However, upon reviewing the video surveillance at the machine, law enforcement officers were shocked when they identified the person vandalizing the machine as one of their own.

One source told SEARCHLIGHT that video surveillance showed that at approximately 5 a.m. the police officer approached the machine, in what appeared to be an attempt to withdraw funds.

The video showed that the officer was unable to successfully complete the transaction, and in what appears to be a fit of rage, he proceeded to assault the machine, resulting in damage to the machine and injury to himself.

When GECCU was contacted yesterday, a senior official at the institution confirmed that the incident had taken place, and admitted that the culprit was one of its members.

The official, however, said that on Monday, the individual in question came into the office and apologized for his actions.

According to the official, the police officer was very contrite and blamed his actions on frustration.

The official said that the police officer has indicated that he would cover all costs associated with repairing the machine.

SEARCHLIGHT also understands that GECCU does not intend to press charges against its member for the vandalism.

It is unclear if the member was able to successfully complete his transaction.

On June 20 this year, bandits made off with more than $100,000 from the Georgetown branch of the institution.

Four persons were later apprehended, arrested and charged with burglary and theft.