Not wrong part,  propeller sent back for repairs – PS Agriculture
July 26, 2013

Not wrong part, propeller sent back for repairs – PS Agriculture

There is no truth to the claim that a wrong part was ordered to repair the propeller for the aircraft used to spray banana fields.{{more}}

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Raymond Ryan said that the propeller had been sent to Miami to be serviced, but upon its return it was discovered that it needed to be sent back to facilitate some additional work.

This was the response to a question posed by the recently selected New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate for North Windward Lauren Baptiste, who was at the time speaking at a rally at Layou.

According to Baptiste, he was inquiring whether or not the propeller for the plane had to be taken back to Miami because the part was wrong.

But, according to Ryan, the propeller was discovered to have what he described as an upper level vibration.

“But, because of the safety issue, it was decided that it should be sent back, so it was not a matter about getting a wrong part – it was a part sent for servicing,” the PS said.

He added that the propeller was expected to be back some time this week.

Ryan explained that it was normal procedure for any part of the aircraft, including the propeller, to be serviced from time to time.

However, the necessary expertise does not exist locally and as a result, the part needs to be sent abroad for the relevant work to be done, he continued. (DD)