Children’s safety, need for concern – CKDO programme co-ordinator
July 26, 2013
Children’s safety, need for concern – CKDO programme co-ordinator

by Chelsea Alexander Fri Jul 26, 2013

The safety of children attending the Central Kingstown Development Organisation (CKDO) Summer Programme is an issue which should be addressed.{{more}}

Leroy Rock, co-ordinator of the CKDO’s Summer Programme, expressed this concern to the SEARCHLIGHT in a recent interview.

The summer programme, which ran for two weeks, was held at the Kingstown Technical Institute at Wilson Hill. Participants took part in music, sports, information technology and art. Rock, who seemed pleased with the programme’s progress, also expressed the importance of making the area safe for the children.

“I’m trying to make it very safe for children, because, as you can see, there’s a lot of bush down this side,” he said.

The road leading to and from the Kingstown Technical Institute is lined with a lot of bush and overhanging trees and during the interview, Rock appealed to the relevant authorities, especially the Prison Authority, to assist him in making the area safe.

“We have to make a request to the Prison Authority to come and cut the bush. There are a lot of trees and high bush that we need some assistance with,” he said.

Additionally, Rock noted that the participants of the summer programme would not be the only beneficiaries of the cleaning-up of the area. He explained that the School for Children with Special Needs will also benefit from the clean-up, since their playground, which is partly covered by bush, will be cleared.

The CKDO’s Summer Programme came to an end today.